HN275-1 Met-Seal Half nipple 1-1/2" od tube 2-3/4" Non-Rot Flange$42.001$21.00
KSN-7763-6.5 Key Speedy full nipple NW 63 flanges SS 304 6.5" OAL$195.001$95.00
KAAV-40 Alumium angle 1-1/2" manual NW 40 flanges$305.001$259.00
T-200-MS Met-Seal Tee 2" tube od 3-3/8" od flanges$245.002$125.00
KSCRS-7680 NW 80 4 way Cross$540.002$270.00
KSE-7480 NW 80 Elbow, 45 degree, Stainless Steel$240.002$120.00
KSCRS-4750-5 Key Speedy Cross 5 way, SS, NW 50's$495.001$250.00
KSCR-2240A Stainless Steel Adaptive centering ring NW 32 to NW 40$18.0025$9.00
KSCR-1840-12316 NW 40 stainless steel centering ring, viton, # 12 mesh$58.0015$25.00
KSF-72100-AL NW 100 aluminum blank off$100.0015$50.00
HN600-1-AL Met-Seal 6" OD Aluminum TIN Coated half nipple non rotatable$180.0010$40.00
MS600-400R 6" od Met-Seal x 4" id rotatable$110.005$95.00
ME-200-MS Met-Seal 90 degree mitered elbow 2" tube od w 3-3/8" flange both sides$185.001$90.00
KSA-3510 NW 10 to 1/2" Compression fitting$65.0010$25.00
E-800-MS 90 degree radius elbow 8" od flanges, 6" od tube, electroplished, new$600.001$300.00
BC-250-4.5 Key Speedy flex connect 4-1/2" od Met-Seal flanges B/E medium wall, 2.5" id x 4.5" oal$496.001$220.00
KSE-4150-180 Key Speedy Elbow 180 degree bend, NW 50 flanges 2" od tube SS 304$130.001$65.00
KSF-0550 Key Speedy Flange NW 50 alum (6061t6) Long Weld Stub for 2" tube$24.0035$12.00
ZLR-338-133 Met-Seal Reducer Zero Length 3-3/8" to Mini Met-Seal (1-1/3")$110.003$55.00
MS212-100N Met-Seal Flange 2-1/8" od x 1" id Non Rotatable$19.005$10.00
KSF-1450 Key Speedy Flange NW 50 brass Blank off$16.5030$8.00
KSF-1116 Key Speedy flange NW 16 brass unbored stub 3/4" oal$10.5050$5.20
KSF-1025 Key Speedy flange NW 25 alum unbored stub 3/4" oal$10.5050$5.25
KSS-3940-AL Key Speedy Straight Section 5.12" oal NW 40's 6061t6 aluminum$55.001$26.00
KST-9940-1 Key Speedy Tee NW 40 1/4 FNPT on port 304 SS$80.005$40.00
KSR-4816-2-CR-AL Key Speedy Reducer Conical NW 16 to NW 50 Aluminum$65.005$30.00
MSA275-MV25 Met-Seal Adapter 2-3/4" flange to 1/4" Male VCR$75.001$35.00
BI-300-48 Key Speedy Flex Conn NW 80 Flanges Unsheathed Thin Wall 48" oal$625.002$310.00
KSF-1310 Key Speedy Flange NW 10 Aluminum Blank Off$5.5050$2.25
MS338-000NT Met-Seal Flange 3-3/8" od Blank Non Rotatable Tapped$52.0012$26.00
KSF-1050 Key Speedy flange NW 50 alum unbored stub 1" oal$21.004$12.00
VP-1.33-G View Port 1.33" od Zero Length Glass View Port$125.001$70.00
KSE-4140-AL Key Speedy elbow 90 degree bend NW 40 flange both ports 6082 alum$65.001$32.00
SBK-100-18.5 Key Speedy Flex Connect 18" oal NW 25's both ends shielded thin wall SS$235.001$120.00
GF-025-9 Key Speedy Gas Flex hose NW 16 flanges, 1/4" ID hose, 9" oal$215.002$110.00
KSA-3540-1 Key Speedy Adapter Compression NW 40 for 3/4" tube od SS 304$80.001$40.00
FTL-133-25 Feedthrough Liquid 1/4" od tube on Mini Flange Single tube$90.002$45.00
MS133-075NW Met-Seal Flange 1.33" OD Mini 3/4" od Non Rotatable weld neck$15.006$8.00
KSS-3940-3.94 Key Speedy Straight Section 3.94" OAL NW 40 SS 304$58.001$30.00
SKSH-5316 Key Speedy Hose 10" oal, NW 16 flanges, Thin wall, braided$150.001$75.00
4RC-275 Met-Seal 4 way reducing cross 2-3/4" od flgs on run, Mini's on legs$215.001$110.00
KSFT-1402 Key Speedy Adapter Welch Pump NW 25 W/Alum Gasket 304 SS$125.002$60.00
HN275-1-T Met-Seal Half Nipple 1-1/2" od tube 2-3/4" od flange Tapped 1/4-28$50.002$25.00
E-200-MS Met-Seal 90 Deg Radius Elbow 2" od tube with 3-3/8" od flanges$175.001$90.00
KSE-4150-3.6 Key Speedy Elbow Extended Radius 3.6 Centerline NW 50 Flanges$85.001$40.00
HN133-1 Met-Seal Half Nipple 3/4" od tube Mini Met-Seal Flange one end$38.003$20.00
FTO-107 Feedthrough Blank Fixture Support Brass for 1" hole$100.002$50.00
KSA-3750-2 Key Speedy Apapter NW 50 to 3/4" Male VCR$130.001$60.00
KSCRS-10610063 Key Speedy Reducing Cross NW 100 to NW 63 SS 304$570.001$275.00
KSA-3550 Key Speedy Adapter Compression NW 50 for 3/4" tube od SS 304$90.001$45.00
MSA275-MV50 Met-Seal Adapter 2-3/4" flange to 1/2" male VCR$90.001$45.00
KSS-3925-4.92AL Key Speedy Straight Section 4.92" oal NW 25's 6061T6 Aluminum$50.001$25.00
KSR-4825-CR-AL Key Speedy Reducer Conical NW 40 to NW 25 Aluminum$52.004$25.00
MS675-500NT Met-Seal Flange 6-3/4" od x 5" id non rotatable tapped$125.002$65.00
MSA133-SW25 Met-Seal Adapter Mini flange to 1/4" tube od swagelok$65.001$30.00
KSA-9840 Key Speedy Adapter NW 40 to 1/4" Swagelok SS 304$65.001$30.00
FTL-275-25-2 Feedthrough Liquid 1/4" od SS tubes on 2-3/4" flg Double Tube$150.001$75.00
MS212-000N Met Seal flange 2-1/8" od Blank Non Rotatable$19.004$9.00
MSA275-QS137 Met-Seal Adapter 2-3/4" flange to 1-3/8" tube od Quick Seal$160.001$80.00
MSA275-1/2"FNPT Met-Seal Adapter 2-3/4" Flange to 1/2" FNPT$58.003$25.00
EL200-90SS-2.61 Weld Fit Elbow 2" od SS 90 degree 2.61" Centerline 304 SS$23.005$11.00
KSR-4825-1-CRAL Key Speedy Reducer Conical NW 25 to NW 50 aluminum$90.007$30.00
BS-450T Met-Seal Bolt Set & Washer 5/16-24 x 1-1/4" long 25 pcs per package$11.005$5.50
MSA275-QS150 Met-Seal Adapter 2-3/4" od flange to 1-1/2" tube od quick seal$170.001$85.00
HN275-AL 2-3/4" OD Met-Seal Aluminum Half Nipple TIN Coated Non-Rotatable$60.0030$20.00
HN800-AL Met-Seal 8" OD Aluminum TIN coated half nipple rotatable$370.0010$60.00

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